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Curtis M. Shoemaker, age 57, of Black River Falls, WI

John "Fred" Leer, age 83, of Northfield, WI

James "Jim" Edward Rankin, age 80, of Alma Center, WI

Mildred "Millie" (Staves) Hill, age 87, of Merrillan, WI

Howard Shoemaker, age 88, of Black River Falls, WI

Verne Brown, Sr., age 94 of Hixton, WI

Leone Scholze, age 99, of Black River Falls, WI, formerly of Humbird, WI

Paul F. Weber, age 76, of Hixton, WI

June M. Chrisinger, age 97, of Black River Falls, WI

Evelyn V. Tande, age 85, of Alma Center, WI

Jerry A. Cooper, age 72, of Merrillan, WI

Harold E. Aldinger, age 91, of Merrillan, WI

Anneliese Hagen, age 93, of Hixton, WI

Howard E. Sanders, age 89, of Humbird, WI

Lyness W. Olson, age 88, of Taylor, WI

Barbara J. Richards, age 65 of Hixton, WI

Kenneth L. Dolesy, age 94, of Black River Falls, WI

Lyle R. Jessie, age 96, of Northfield, WI

Edward W. Johnson, age 81, of Carson City, NV, formerly of Black River Falls, WI

LeAnn Wathen, 48, of Melrose, WI

Eileen L. Preston, 84, of Hixton, WI

Hensel G. Gilbertson, 93, of Whitehall, WI

Sylvia E. Standberg, 82, of Alma Center, WI

Jerold “Jerry” Grant Engen, 77, of Hixton, WI

Hazel Jarstad, 88,of Reno,NV/formerly of Northfield, WI

Romie T. Slaughter, 89, of Black River Falls, WI
Elsa M. Sather, 90, of Taylor, WI
Ethel L. Waid, 80, of Merrillan, WI
William A. Knudtson, 71, of Gilman, WI/formerly of Taylor, WI
Grace Phyllis Stevens, 93, of Humbird, WI
Phyllis M. Beaman, 90, of Taylor, WI
Robert O. Johnson, 71, of Hixton, WI
Royce E. Peterson, 80, of Hixton, WI
Maurice B. Knutson, 90, of Taylor, WI
Marvin C. Johnson,66,of Merrillan, WI
elva J. Olson, 94, of Northfield, WI
Rose Michels, 90, of Alma Center, WI
Marcella J. Dettinger, 83, of Northfield, WI
Burton L. Olson, 67, of Humbird, WI
Blanche J. Chapman, 90, of Alma Center, WI
John Clapper, 68, of Humbird, WI
Geneva F. Helstad, 88, of Hixton, WI
Edna L. Simonson, 94, of Black River Falls, WI/formerly of Hixton, WI
Ray B. Waters, 91, of Alma Center, WI
Basil J. Koxlien, 91, of Black River Falls, WI
Ronald V. Olver, 84, of Black River Falls, WI
Stanley D. Christopherson, 77, of Alma Center, WI
Rollin Darst,75,of Hixton, WI
Oswald T. Huseboe, 81, of Blair, WI
Vivian R. Matzelle, 97, of Taylor, WI
Sarah M. Eisberner, 56, of Alma Center, WI
Sandra K. Dzick, 64, of Neillsville, WI/formerly of Taylor, WI
Vesta S. Haydon, 95, of Eau Claire, WI/formerly of Black River Falls, WI
Lyle G. West,91, of Hixton, WI
Charles T. Dolesy, Sr., 82, of Black River Falls, WI
Marian R. Skolos, 96, of Black River Falls, WI
LaVerne J. Nelson, 76, of Hixton, WI
Shirley L. Radcliffe, 82, of Alma Center, WI
Dolores Thompson, 86, of Northfield, WI
Dean A. Sprinkle, 52, of Eau Claire, WI/formerly of Alma Center, WI
Charles "Chuck" Lindberg, age 77, of Taylor, WI
Helen I. Arentz, 80, of Sparta, WI/formerly of Taylor, WI
Lillian Mae Cooper, 86, of Beloit
Darryl W. Humphrey, 78, of York, WI
Irene May Shoemaker, 85, of Alma Center,
Jeffrey R. Eddy, 59, of Merrillan, WI
Ivan "Ken" Berg, 78, of Black River Falls, WI
Laura A. Esser, age 81, of Alma Center, WI
Gordon Tweed, age 81, of Northfield, WI
Leonard W. Simonson, age 85, of Taylor, WI
Bernard Laufenberg, age 83, of Alma Center, WI
Irwin Sterner, age 91, of Taylor, WI